Friday, December 11, 2015

That's No Moon Part 1

With the semester almost over, I found some time to do some more 3D modeling. This time the Death Star. Using a similar method to The Enterprise, I collected several bluepoints and screencaps of the Death Star as seen in the films.

Relatively simple Death Star model drawn at scale (120 km): November 11, 2015

For the interior, I started with the 'Ramped Corridor' where Luke and Leia engaged in a firefight with stormtroopers before swinging across the chasm. This was a good starting point since it was easier to determine the actual dimensions of the space with the actors near the walls.

This is also the first modeling project I'm using the project timer add on for Blender. The first five images below screenshots represent progress after two hours of modeling work.

'Ramped Corridor': December 5, 2015

Elevator Shafts: December 5, 2015

Main Corridor: December 5, 2015
Main Corridor in Unity: December 5, 2015

Stormtrooper for scale: December 5, 2015

The following set took another two hours of work since it required much more attention to detail and looking at screencaps. Time here was divided by interior wall panels plus some exterior details.

Large blast door and wall panels: December 6, 2015

Test lit corridor: December 6, 2015

In addition working on the corridors above, I also started augmenting the Death Star sphere model I had done in November. Using measurements on Wookieepedia and, I was able to add the docking bays in the equatorial trench as seen in the matte paintings in A New Hope when the Millennium Falcon is pulled into the Death Star.

Equatorial Trench: December 6, 2015

Docking Bays with the Millennium Falcon for scale: December 6, 2015

Imperial Star Destroyer also for scale and fun: December 6, 2015

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