Thursday, October 1, 2015

UIC Science and Engineering Offices Model

Creating 3D models of UIC isn't a new project for me. Freshman year I started modeling the campus using The Sims 2.
UIC East Campus in The Sims 2 (2007)

Creating an accurate scale model of the Science and Engineering Offices was a real throwback to my high school CAD drafting classes - taking floor plans and extruding them up. Like most of my recent modeling work: Modeled in Blender, rendered in Unity.

First and Second Floor Plans with partial walls: September 24, 2015

Major support columns extended to building height: September 24, 2015

Scissor Staircase Detail: September 24, 2015
I've always had an interest in architecture and Walter Netsch design for the UIC campus is no exception. As much as I share my fellow students' feelings on the 'concrete campus with thin tinted windows giving the feeling of perpetual nighttime', I still find the brutalist style of architecture an interesting aesthetic.

I've considered making an accurate scale model of the campus (both current and the original 60's campus with the second floor walkways) and this might be the first step in that direction - not that I need any more side projects.

Completed first draft of exterior: September 24, 2015
Still some details left to add such as the roof, doors, and hallway end windows. But this was model was surprising quick to assemble at this detail. I suppose those years or working on Enterprise is finally paying off (or at least contributing to an EVL project that isn't just one of my side projects).

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